24-Hour Emergency Support Service -Helpline

Release date:2019/10/09
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Service Introduction

Since 1st June 2013, Caritas Macau hosted the " 24-hour Urgent Support Services Helpline" entrusted by the Social Welfare Bureau serving all year round. By combining the strengths of the government and the people, we can respond more flexibly and more closely to the needs of service targets and jointly provide immediate emergency services for individuals or families in need.


Service Purpose

In alignment with the vision of Caritas, the service provides a wide range of services, including, 24-hour crisis management, emotional support and referral services for people and families facing personal or family crisis through immediate crisis intervention. Immediate crisis intervention helps those individuals and families to recognize and learn how to deal with emergencies. The purpose is to relieve the client's current dilemma and urgent problems.


Service Mission

l   Professionalism --- Loyalty input, continuously improving knowledge, hone skills, and strive to improve efficiency, effectiveness and service quality.

l   People-oriented --- always pay attention to the needs of the parties, provide appropriate services, and adhere to the principles of mutual respect, cherish life, fairness and confidentiality.

l   Effective communication --- Maintain close contact, exchange opinions, and promote the flow of information and resources between collaborative departments/professionals.


Service Content

24-hour instant crisis intervention and telephone counselling services provided by professional social workers


Service Tel.

63302692 (24 hours by professional social workers)


Service Target

Macao citizens

Contact Us

Tel.: 28482019

Fax: 28484067

Email: caritas24hudl@caritas.org.mo


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