Hoi Fai Life Education Resource Centre

Release date:2019/10/08
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Caritas Macau launched Macau's first Life Education Resource Centre in July 2014. The centre aims to promote the message of life cherishing and providing life educational support to schools and community agencies in Macau in an innovative and diversified form. The centre also expands community services, regularly promotes life education in the community and provides mental health education to the public. The centre actively broadcasts the positive psychological factors, enhances the resistance of the public and their awareness of cherishing and loving life, let them learn how to take care of others and themselves and how to have a healthy and happy lifestyle.



Aim to preach the message of cherishing life, spread positive psychology factors actively and improve the resilience of the public through community activities and social education, to build a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Service Content

● Scheme of Tiantian Life Education Learning Experience: Promotion services for admission, to promote life education messages to students and their parents across Macau through lectures, workshops, camps, etc.

● Caring for Life Community Promotion Programme: The centre organizes a series of community education and promotion activities regularly to promote public attention to mental health and suicide prevention.

● Love Life Ambassador Service-Learning Programme: This centre recruits and trains a group of life ambassadors and provides various types of services opportunities and related training.

● Emotional Support Services: The centre provides a counselling room for case consultation and short-term counselling services.

● Life Education Resource Platform: The centre has a life education resource platform which provides books, videos and teaching materials of life education to the public.

● Centre featured activities: 910 World Suicide Prevention Day series activities, Life Education Experience Activities, Life Gatekeeper Training, Storyteller Series project to let citizens understand the significance of life education.


Service Target

Macau citizens


Service Hours

Monday to Sunday 


(Closed on Public Holidays)


Contact Method

Add.: AR/C,1/F, Rua do Dr. Lourenço Pereira Marques n.os 75-87, The Riviera Macau, Macau

Tel.: 2893 3918, 2893 2719

Fax: 2893 3130

Email: hoifai@caritas.org.mo


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