Caritas Macau WelAnser Centre

Release date:2019/10/08
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Founded in 2009, the former Caritas Macau WelAnser Centre was the "Imported Workers Scheme”. It was officially launched after it was funded by Instituto de Acção Social in November 2016. The service target has been expanded from the original foreign employees who are working in Macau to Non-Chinese. It assists them to adapt to living in Macao, solving their living problems and expanding their access to community information, so that they can grasp Community information in Macau more easily.



Committed to providing various living supports for services target with professional service spirit. Thus, they can adapt to living in Macao as soon as possible, which helps to build a beautiful and harmonious society.


Service Target

Non-Chinese with right of abode in Macao including non-Chinese foreign employees and their children who are living in Macao, or non-Chinese Macao SAR Resident Identity Card holders.


Service Content

·         Adaptation of life --- including organizing activities that can understand the culture in Macao, daily life medical knowledge, and festival culture activities. Thus, participants can integrate into Macau's social culture and establish a good and stable interpersonal relationship as soon as possible.

·         Training courses --- providing different types of regular training courses such as Cantonese, first aid and care skills for frail elderly people. Training courses can help them to learn and apply those skills in their daily life, thereby developing and enhancing their personal abilities.

·         Knowledge Talks --- through holding some talks about professional knowledge or related to law, service target can increase their professional knowledge and skills and understand their legal rights and responsibilities.

·         Social casework --- a professional service providing individualized service to seekers through professional knowledge and skills.

·         Group work --- making different types of activities in teamwork form in order to enhance the personal abilities of the service users and broaden their interpersonal network to connect different resources and improve their welfare in Macao.

·         Volunteers training/services --- Arranging systematic training courses to improve the quality and confidence of volunteers. Increase the opportunities for non-Chinese and local residents to integrate, break the barriers and embrace social inclusion through the practice of voluntary works.


Service Hours

Monday to Sunday

09:00 – 13:00, 14:00 – 18:00

Closed on Mandatory holidays


Contact Us

Add.: Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira 163-165B, Mei Lam Garden, U5 Floor, Macau

Tel.: 2871 2965

Fax: 2855 0563



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