Release date:2019/10/09
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Accessible Travel Agency has been a social enterprise started to operate since early 2009 under the auspices of Caritas Macau. It has now a fleet of 5 rehabuses which, by advanced booking, provide point to point barrier-free traveling service for persons with mobility difficulties in order to help them touring around Macau or going to any destinations as requested. All our rehabuses are equipped with hydraulic tail lifts and wheelchair safety locks to ensure the safety of the passengers.



To promote barrier-free access and enhance equal opportunity in transport for people with disabilities.


Service Content

1. To offer accessible transport for persons with mobility difficulties and their carers:

2. To assist people with disabilities in choosing hotel and catering services so as to suit their needs:

3. To advise people with disabilities with barrier-free touring routes and transport information.


Service Charge

Service Rates

Office Hour

Monday to Friday : 09:00-13:00,14:30-18:30

Saturday : 09:00-13:00


Add:Avenida de Artur Tamagnini Barbosa, Edificio D. Julieta Nobre de Carvalho, 

          Bloco B, No. 177, Macau Location

Tel :( 853 ) 2840 3315

Fax:( 853 ) 2840 3319


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