Release date:2019/10/09
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Established in October 2011, the Assistive Devices Resource mainly provides advice on the purchase of assistive devices for Caritas’ service users, and primarily orders assistive devices.


Provide professional advice for service users who purchase assistive devices, provide suitable assistive devices, and reduce injuries due to purchase or improper use errors.

Service Content

Order assistive devices, assistive device instruction, and evaluate assistive devices required by service users.

Service Target

Service users and their families

Office Hours

09:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00

Contact Us

Shop 21 Edf. Da. Julieta Nobre De Carvalho Bloco B, Av. de Artur Tamagnini Barbosa  MAP

Tel.: 2840 3315


Assistive tools
Assistive tools