Jardim Infantil da Caritas (“Caritas Kindergarten”)

Release date:2019/07/30
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School Profile

Caritas Kindergarten was established in July 1994 and it was the first school which started operation under the government’s approved land to build school plan. The school’s philosophy is ‘loyalty, sincerity, diligence and simplicity’. Since the school opened, it has been using ‘activities-based’ teaching model to encourage students to learn.

In 2001, the school was invited by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau to join the University of Macau and two kindergartens in Macau to participate in a three-year “School-based curriculum development program for early childhood education” through an agreement and cooperation model. Through this program, with the creation of school-based curriculum features – ‘peace education’, students in our school can jointly engage in learning activities suitable to them in a democratic and respectful environment.


Educational characteristics

In order to meet the physical and mental development and needs of children, our school adopts a collaborative teaching model to provide children with the greatest learning efficiency and more comprehensive care. In addition, art education is a school-based curriculum that has been implemented for many years and has achieved remarkable results.  It cultivates children’s autonomy, freedom, individuality and creativity through artistic activities.

At the same time, the school’s curriculum is diversified, in line with Chinese and Western festivals, activities-based teaching makes learning full of fun, creates different role-playing opportunities, and enriches life experiences, attaches importance to life education, connects with the community, and cares for the community, so that children can know about the world through different channels’, moral education is a key curriculum, cultivate love and carry forward the spirit of Caritas since childhood.

Promote reading has been supported by parents and students, and has benefited the students greatly.  It guides children to use their hands, brains, and heart. Though these activities are not formal curriculum, they deeply affect the development of children, including school spirit, school rules, and a sense of belonging, interpersonal communication, leisure activities.

The school has joined the free education network of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau.  Those who hold Macau identification card, tuition and supplementary services fees are free


Office hours

Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm.


Contact us

Next to Rua Nova da Areia Preta, Edificio Kam Hoi San (bloco 8) Map Location

Telephone: 2876 2301, 2876 2302

Fax: 2876 2300

E mail: caritaskg@caritaskg.k12.edu.mo 



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