Release date:2019/10/09
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Kangaroo’s World is a social enterprise under Caritas Macau. It was established in June 2016. It mainly sells its brand “Play with kids”. It is a series of toys including parent-child, enlightenment and children’s growth learning. The products are designed and manufactured by the disabled. It is designed and created by occupational therapists, teachers, social workers, graphic designers and seamstresses. Some products have added local creative elements to enhance children’s learning fun. The store is managed and sold by two disabled people.


The aim is to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Service Content

  • The product focuses on training children’s cognition, hand-eye coordination, muscle size, space concept, logical thinking and language expression.

Service Target

Children 8 years and under

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday to Sunday

11:00 -20:00, or 12:00 to 21:00

(Closed on Tuesdays and Mandatory Holidays)

Contact Us

Shop K-1 Basement Lake View Masion, 470-756 Avenida (Av.) Panoramica do Lago Nam Van

Tel.: 2848 2750

WhatsApp: +852 66420829

Facebook: Play with Kids

WeChat: 6642 0829



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