Driving Training Service for People with Physical Disability

Release date:2019/07/30
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In 1983, Caritas Macau provided a Driving Training Service for People with Physical Disability. This training originated from a donation of an American businessman through Mother Mary Goisis, and the fund was used to buy a car designed for disabled people who must relied on specialized hand control to drive, especially for a disabled youth. Later, because the young man was not suitable for learning to drive, a social worker made use of this special car to offer driving training to people with disabilities. 


When this service was made public, it was actively participated by the disabled, and was signed up by more than a dozen people at a time. Most of them were disabled people in wheelchairs. Since 1990, Caritas and a volunteer car coach have assisted in the re-promotion, and this service has once again emerged.


Service Objective

This training can not only enhance learners’ self-confidence but also bring much convenience to them when using this mode of vehicle, expanding their social activities and increasing their employment opportunities.


Service Content

  • Provide professional driving training;

  • Assist in the entry and inspection procedures.


Service target

  • Disabled persons aged 18 or above;

  • Passed the assessment of the Medical Committee of the Health Bureau and considered that he was fit for driving.


Service fee

There are no fees other than fuel fees and fees that must be paid to the government (if included).


Office hours and training hours

Monday to Sunday (10 am to 9 pm), mandatory holidays are closed.




Tel :2857 3297

Fax:2855 4049



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