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Release date:2019/10/09
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The Caritas Clinic was formerly known as Centro de Medico Hou Chi. In May 2017, two passionate retired doctors, the license holders of the medical center at that time, entrusted the Head of Caritas Macau to run the business and the medical center was officially renamed the Caritas Clinic in June 2019 to continue providing services for citizens in Macau.

Service Content

It includes general primary medical services. Macau Caritas also responds to the difficulties of seeking medical treatment faced by imported labor in Macau by concerning the pressure of the charge and language used in the medical treatment of most people, and in view of that, the Caritas Clinic committed to assisting imported labor in seeking medical treatment to relieve the medical burden for imported labor. Besides helping imported labor, it hopes to stimulate community care and construct a peaceful community in Macau through this service.


  • Relieve the burden of medical service for imported labors in Macau and create an equal and inclusive society; 

  • Provide qualified medical services for residents in Macau and demonstrate community care.

Service Target

Macau citizens

Serviec Hours

Monday to Sunday from 10:00 - 18:00

Closed on public holidays


Block B, G / F, Veng Lei Building, 12A Heng Street (Fulong Lower Street), Rua da Caldeira ,   Map

Tel: 2893 2603


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