Charity Run of Caritas Macau 2022

Release date:2022/09/26
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The Charity Run of Caritas Macau 2022 Virtual Running shall be held on 30th October this year. As Macau is still in unstable situation caused by the pandemic, this year’s charity run shall be held in the form of virtual running.


The virtual running is divided into the following categories: Challenge Run (10 km), Healthy Run (5 km) and Easy Run (2 km). The entry fee for each participant shall be MOP160. For family category, the entry fee of each adult shall be MOP160, while for each child or adolescent is MOP100.  We welcome participants to invite his/her friends or family members to sponsor this activity so as to increase the amount of donations. We encourage you and your friends to actively participate in this meaningful activity together with us.


Depending on the running distance, participants can enrol in the corresponding category and complete the required distance on 30th October. Upon providing the running data after completing the required distance, participants shall receive a commemorative T-shirt, finishing medal and towel. We have designated a Most Supportive Team Award to the team with the highest number of participants in order to encourage more participations from organisations/groups.


On the other hand, in order to facilitate participants receiving supplies and collection of souvenirs, supply points shall be located at Guia Hill Fitness Trail, Leisure Area on Taipa Waterfront, NAM VAN Anim’ Arte, Reservatório Park and Macao Science Center Square on 30th October,2022.


Since its’ establishment 70 years ago, Caritas Macau strives to provide social services to those in need in face of rapidly changing economic environment. During the recent period of pandemic and the economic downturn, Caritas Macau has established social enterprises to provide assistance to the vulnerable groups and individuals. Through the charity run, we hope to raise donations to help the people in need. Taking this opportunity, we also wish to raise public awareness to the importance of physical health.


The enrolment of the charity run is now open until the maximum number of participants are reached. Enrolment can be made at four of our designated locations or through mobile enrolment. For details about the rules and regulation of this activity, please visit our website at  and Facebook (Caritas Macau). For enquiries, please call tel: 2893 7596 or 2871 3270.







Finishing medal:


Mobile Enrolment:

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Charity run 2022 Rules and Regulations-virtul running.docx.pdf

Charity Run 2022 Individual Enrolment Form-10.30.doc.pdf

Charity Run 2022 Group Enrolment Form-10.30.doc.pdf


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