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The Post-Disaster Support Centre of Caritas, Macau

A merciless typhoon revealed Macau residents' solidarity and neighbourhood support spirit.

Our Post-Disaster Centre, with the support from our colleagues and the community, has been working hard on the disaster-relief and recovery works after the typhoon, and our recent focus is mainly on rendering assistance to the low-income families and people who encountered sudden disasters.

The Post-Disaster Support Centre, created by Caritas, has an objective of helping all needy people, and its service not only covering local people, but also people in Mainland China and places worldwide; and the scope of services including: prevention, reduction and relief of disasters, and the related educational works. We will actively participate in the international conferences on prevention and relief of disasters, and follow up on the related tasks, to learn and exchange experiences.

The Post-Disaster Support Centre will continue to run hereafter, as a contact point for prevention and relief of any disasters in Macau, such that immediate actions can be taken to coordinate resources to facilitate recovery works in the future. Personally, I hope the Support Centre can further develop to support other regions and countries.

Some of the service centres of Caritas have also suffered seriously from the typhoon this time. Hopefully, with the efforts from all and through the support from organisations, enterprises and volunteers, everything will soon be recovered.

The Post-Disaster Support Centre of Caritas is temporarily located at: Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira no. 137, Pou Fung Industrial Building 4th Floor, Tel: 66888240.