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Donation Box


Caritas Macau has been effectively exploring numerous fundraising channels for donations, besides, periodically organising fundraising activities, little by little, collecting donations from benefactors from all the sectors of the community through allocating donation boxes throughout the local community thus, to raise more funds, so the underprivileged from this community and worldwide, may benefit and receive appropriate assistance.  Since the introduction until now, the “Caritas Macau Donation Box Project” has approximately 120 participants from Government Departments, organisations, shops, restaurants, schools and companies.


Caritas Macau welcomes the Government Departments, organisations, associations, shops, restaurants, schools and companies to participate in the “Caritas Macau Donation Box Project”, in order, to provide assistance to the underprivileged.

Sir/Madam may choose to place our donation box on a long-term or short term basis, for the use of fundraising activities.

Application Form

Do support the Caritas Macau Donation Box Project, if Sir/Madam wishes to participate with the placing of the donation box, please download Donation Box Application Form, facsimile or email the completed form to the Fundraising Department, Caritas Macau.

Contact us                                       

Address      : 1A, Largo do Santo Agostinho
Telephone  : 28573297
Facsimile    : 28554049
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Dimensions of the Caritas Macau Donation Box

Caritas Macau can provide donation boxes with 3 different measurements, Sir/Madam may choose the appropriate donation box to be placed at your establishment.

 Small Size (20cm*20cm*10cm) Small Size (20cm*20cm*10cm)

Medium Size (20cm*20cm*20cm) Medium Size (20cm*20cm*20cm)

Large Size (25cm*25cm*25cm) Large Size (25cm*25cm*25cm)