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Aims & Objectives


CARITAS DE MACAU is the social service organization of Macau. Its purpose is to provide social welfare.

The goal of Caritas de Macau is to provide services to the individuals, families, communities and societies, to help them to live in the society in a more humane condition economically, morally and spiritually; to encourage them to be responsible towards their own life and activities; to enable them to build within their environment a community based on truth, justice, fraternity, freedom and peace.


  • To provide services to the most needy and the most abandoned;
  • To promptly provide victims of crisis financial aids;
  • To promote and assist all self-help programmes in order to enable those who need help to become self-support and be able to contribute positively to the society;
  • To encourage and formulate spirit of fraternity and cooperation; and to promote social justice;
  • To research on social poverty, suffering etc. in order to find out its causes, and to device solutions.